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Coming off last night’s 40th anniversary screening of ENTER THE DRAGON, The New York Asian Film Festival charges into Monday with another motley quartet of films, ranging from the superhero genre to a pair of crime thrillers to an epic costume drama.  We’re all still sad over the loss of Jim Kelly, but the best remedy for sad is movies.  Dive in.


The NYAFF is being presented by Subway Cinema (visit them here), and all of today’s  screenings are taking place at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center (find a more complete rundown here).

Here are today’s screenings, with pictures & summaries courtesy of the festival:




International Premiere!

A Filipino-American boxer on a pleasure trip, a prostitute on a mission, a local drug dealer experimenting with time travel, and a social climber all cross paths in Cebu, the beautiful Philippine southern island, in this deliriously imagined occult superhero movie.


The Unjust


This sprawling corruption epic is the kind of movie Sidney Lumet would have made if he had been Korean. After the rape and murder of five elementary schoolgirls, the police have still failed to apprehend the serial killer. After a suspect is shot dead—with no conclusive proof of his guilt—the country’s president intervenes and adds to the pressure on the police to solve the case. Choi Cheol-gi, a brilliant but sidelined detective, is assigned to the investigation and promised a promotion if he can get the police force off the hook by closing the case. Choi enlists the help of crooked businessman Jang Seok-gu to frame another suspect as the killer. However, they are being secretly monitored by Joo Yang, a Seoul District public prosecutor in the pocket of a business rival of Jang’s.


Bloody Tie


Star Ryoo Seung-Beom in person for Q&A!

In this hard-knuckled crime thriller, a corrupt detective who doesn’t play by the rules teams up with a small time meth dealer who fancies himself as more businessman than criminal in order to bring down the local drug kingpin responsible for the death of the cop’s former partner.



North American Premiere!

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, The Concubine focuses its steamy story on Hwa-Yeon, a young girl forced to become a concubine to the king who becomes involved in a love triangle between Kwon-yoo, a man torn between love and revenge, and King Seong-won, who has his heart set on Hwa-yeon despite the countless women available to him.

The Concubine



And tomorrow…. NINJAS!!!



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