The RIFFTRAX team, partnered with Fathom Events, bring their hilariously scathing commentary on films to big screens all over the country and look to be taking on their most interesting choice yet for the season of Halloween with Herk Harvey’s 1962 psychological thriller CARNIVAL OF SOULS, fully colorized and appearing in theaters for the first time along with two new shorts!

Just because the film has a strong cult following and is often hailed as a horror classic as well as a source of inspiration for the likes of George A. Romero and David Lynch doesn’t mean the gang are going to be pulling their punches, if you need proof this mini-podcast with Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy talking about the upcoming event should be all that you need. Discussions of the film’s exotic locales and a deep cut Popeye reference set the tone for what just might be Rifftrax’s most vicious takedown of classic cinema yet! You even get the elevator conversation version of the plot for those who may not be familiar with CARNIVAL OF SOULS

Listen to the mini-podcast, (which does contain spoilers) here!

RIFFTRAX LIVE PRESENTS: CARNIVAL OF SOULS premieres October 27th at available theaters along with an encore performed on the day of Halloween, October 31st. Check Fathom Events for theater locations and to purchase tickets.

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