Johnny Dickie wrote, directed and starred in SLAUGHTER TALES when he was 14.

In case you missed that, let me write it again: Johnny Dickie wrote, directed and starred in SLAUGHTER TALES when he was *14*. The hosts of NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES are both TWENTY years older than that, which makes them very, very sad to think about. They’ve decided to express their anger, frustration and jealousy by ripping into the ONE-MAN-BAND anthology, while occasionally pausing to tell Johnny to GET OFF THEIR LAWNS. It’s a supremely silly new episode of NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES with Moe and Doug!

This is also the start of a BRAND NEW contest where you can win yourself a copy of the SPECIAL EDITION DVD of SLAUGHTER TALES! All you have to do is leave us a review on iTunes! HOW COOL IS THAT? Doesn’t even have to be positive. And, guess what? If you wrote a review in the past? YOU’RE ALREADY ENTERED. We love you! https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/no-budget-nightmares/id767691512?mt=2

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Doug Tilley

Doug has been a geek for as long as he’s been alive, but has only been blogging about film since 2008; originally writing for his personal site and eventually moving to Daily Grindhouse where he writes regularly about micro-budget films and film-makers in his No-Budget Nightmares column. At the end of 2011 he started the popular No-Budget Nightmares podcast with Moe Porne, and regularly contributes to a variety of other genre film podcasts. He likes movies, movies and movies.

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