In January of 2016, I put together a list of my favorite movies I watched in 2015. Number one on that list was Bill “Bloody Bill” Pon’s full length debut film CIRCUS OF THE DEAD. It has gore, violence, laughs, a great cast, and a cool punk/psychobilly soundtrack. After doing the festival circuit for two years, and creating major buzz in the underground horror community, CIRCUS OF THE DEAD is finally available for the general viewing public. 



You can currently download CIRCUS OF THE DEAD on iTunes or over at Amazon. If like me you have to have the hard copy for your collection Pre-sales for the dvd and blu-ray start this Friday, Jan 20th over at circusofthedeadmovie.com They are expected to ship this March. 



If you love independent horror, then you need CIRCUS OF THE DEAD in your collection. It’s the movie 31 wanted to be. How can you go wrong when a gang of sadistic murderous clowns comes to town, and a man and his family become entwined in their madness. Papa Corn (Bill Oberst Jr.) leads his band of psycho clowns, Noodledome the clown (Ryan Clapp), Mister Blister (Rusty Edwards), Jumbo (Mike Williams), and  Pepe the Mime (Kyle Mueller) on a rampage of torture, rape, and mayhem. 




CIRCUS OF THE DEAD isn’t for everybody, but goddamn I love this movie! It’s beyond torture porn. It’s a survivalist film on par with the greats from the 1980s. If you have a warped sense of humor, an undying thirst for the macabre, and you are a true gorehound, then you’ll love CIRCUS OF THE DEAD! Give them all your money! 


Circus of the Dead “Silence is Golden” Starring: Bill Oberst Jr, Parrish Randall & Chanel Ryan from Bloody Bill on Vimeo.

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      August 9, 2017

      31 was really a total disappointment. It was basically not violent for an indipendent movie, house of 10000 corpses and devil rejects were much sickier and bloodier and more stylish compared to this outing, even the two Halloweens Rob Zombie made was so much better in terms of horror. I would never suggest 31 to anyone except maybe for the intro titles scenes

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