You could have a steam train, if you’d just lay down your track. Or you could have a SLEDGEHAMMER to the freakin’ SKULL! No, it’s not Peter Gabriel, it’s David DEADLY PREY Prior’s early 80s shot-on-video horror classic SLEDGEHAMMER! Packed to the gills with thoroughly reprehensible (and stupid!) characters, Prior has his cast maneuver the halls of his apartment while avoiding a shape changing, invincible, sledgehammer-wielding, mask-wearing MANIAC! LISTEN to your hosts MOE PORNE and DOUG “SWEETBACK” TILLEY guffaw at the glorious gobs of gore, and ENJOY their mirth towards the macho meatheads who treat their girlfriends alternately horribly and offensively. I’m your sledgehammer! Let there be no doubt about it


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