[EXCLUSIVE] Bill Moseley & Caroline Williams Pay Tribute To Tobe Hooper In This Exclusive POST MORTEM clip!

Every two weeks on Post Mortem With Mick Garris, horror fans are treated to in depth conversations between Garris and his cadre of “Masters Of Horror” from elder statesmen like Don Coscarelli, Tom Holland, and Robert Englund to the next generation of filmmakers like Mike Flanagan, Jovanka Vuckovic, and Karyn Kusama. Garris’ interviews are always a fun listen and feel more like conversations between old friends, because that’s usually the case. This week’s episode is a somber one as the host is joined by TEXAS CHAINSAW favorites Caroline Williams and Bill Moseley as they discuss the life and career of Tobe Hooper who passed away just last month. DAILY GRINDHOUSE was granted an exclusive preview of the episode which drops Wednesday, September 13th and features Moseley recounting some of the fun himself, Tom Savini, and Hooper had on set with a rubber hammer.


The episode also features a 2010 interview Garris conducted with Hooper himself as well as Garris’ take on what actually happened on the set of the Steven Spielberg produced POLTERGEIST (Garris was on set for most of the shoot).


Post Mortem can be found on iTunes as well as the PodcastOne website.


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