Psychotronic Netflix Vol. 100 – The Centennial Edition!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for nearly two years, churning out noteworthy streaming titles on Netflix on a weekly basis for 100 mostly consecutive weeks!  But I have, so I figured I’d do something a bit different for tour centennial edition — below are links to 100 noteworthy titles that are definitely worth a look.  Some are overly familiar but always worth a look, other are underappreciated classics — and some are just entertaining trash.  You may love ’em, you may hate ’em, but all 100 of these have something unique going on between the studio logos and the closing credits.

And hell, if that’s not enough for you, you can check out our previous columns here — though YMMV as to whether or not those titles are still available.  These 100 I can guarantee.


13assassinsact of killingaliceappleassaulton13bad lietenantbattleroyalebay of blood
berniebicycle theifbigdollhousebigtroubleblacksabbath

braindeadbreakdownbrother from anothercabinwoods

cant stopcharadecharleycityoflost

cluecomputer chessconversationcook thief

dasbootday the earthdeadmandeath racedeep enddiamondmendiggstowndouble indemstrangelovedreddentervoideuropareport

evictorsevildead2fargogalaxyofterrorgirlwithdragongodsmonstersgodzillagoodbaduglythegreygriftershappyaccidentshapy peoplehauntingjuliaheathersheavymetalhenryholy motorshow to surviveisawdevilin brugesipmanjackiebrownjohndiesendkeepklownlairofwhiteormlegendhelllet right onelong goodbyelost skeletonmaniacmarwencolmetropolismicrocosmosmidnightexpressmiliusmonstersmrnobodymybloodynever sleepnight watchonceuponwestonly godpiranhaplanet apesragingbullravenousriki ohrockroll hssamsarashaolin soccersilentrunningsomeone i touchedstyle warssupertelephonebooktellnooneterminatorthelmalouisetherewillbebloodtromeotuckerdaleupstream

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