HEY BASTARDS. Welcome to another edition of PSYCHOTRONIC NETFLIX! This week we’ve got another random assortment of cultish shenanigans that should interest all but the most jaded film fan.

10. Danger Route (1967)



Eurospy regular Richard Harrison plays a British secret agent investigating a traitor in the organization in this fun spy flick, based on the book “The Eliminator” and featuring a load of ‘60s sexpots including Carol Lynley, Diana Dors, Sylvia Syms and Barbara Bouchet.

9. Rubber (2010)


It probably would have made a better short film than a feature, but Quentin Dupieux’s oddball meta tale of a psychic murderous tire that goes on a rampage is certainly unique, even if people seem to love it or hate it in equal amounts. With Stephen Spinella, Jack Plotnick and Wings Hauser.


8. Le Professionnel (1981)



Jean-Paul Belmondo is in top form as a French secret agent sent to kill an African president, but ends up in the usual web of intrigue in Georges Lautner’s action pic.


7. Ghost Warrior (1986)


Empire Pictures added some swordwielding diversity to their usual slate with this story of a samurai frozen in ice for centuries who comes back with a vengeance in modern-day Los Angeles. Goofy stuff, propelled by a solid pace and a fine performance by Hiroshi Fujioka in the lead.

6. The Spirit is Willing (1967)



“The Sex Life of Ghosts!” proclaimed the ads, but as usual, William Castle promises more than he delivers in this zany comedy about a family that moves into a haunted seaside house. With Sid Caesar, Vera Miles, John Astin, Harvey Lembeck and Mary Wickes.


5. Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (1970)



A love triangle turns to blackmail, murder and pornography in this stylish Giallo film, which, while not as explicit as many other films in the genre, still has a fair share of plot twists and a solid look, care of director Luciano Ercoli (DEATH WALKS IN HIGH HEELS).


4. Steel Dawn (1987)


Patrick Swayze fights battles in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You need more?


3. A Cannon For Cordoba (1970)



Prolific TV movie director Paul Wendkos (GOOD AGAINST EVIL, COCAINE: ONE MAN’S SEDUCTION) made a rare foray into theatrical features in this western, as George Peppard is sent by a general who finds his cannons stolen by a Mexican rebel to retrieve them. While not a proper “Spaghetti western” (it was made by an American director in Spain), it’s still worth a look.

2. The Moon in the Gutter (1983)



Grindhouse meets art house in Jean-Jacques Beineix (DIVA)’s moody rape-revenge (sort of) film about a reclusive woman (Nastassja Kinski) who meets a man (Gerard Depardieu) still wants to avenge his sister’s rape and murder.

1. The Terror Within (1989)



“It’s ALIEN, but in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and underground,” is probably how Thierry Notz pitched this flick to producer Roger Corman, and that pretty much sums it up. The standard plot is helped by some solid acting courtesy Andrew Stevens, Terri Treas and George Kennedy and a swift pace.


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