HEY BASTARDS. Welcome to another edition of PSYCHOTRONIC NETFLIX! This week we’ve got all sorts of zombies and human flesh eaters to suit all tastes. (Get it? Tastes? Because of the flesh eaters?)

10. Keep the River on Your Right (2000)



This unconventional and fascinating documentary chronicles the return of Tobias Schneebaum to the Amazon jungle where he lived for a year in 1955, where he became one with the tribesmen who welcomed him (eventually) into their ways, including a penchant for cannibalism.

9. Zombiethon (1986)


Clips and trailers from public domain zombie flicks and any zombie-related film Wizard Video had the rights to at the time are linked together through half-assedly by new footage of zombies in a movie theater. Cheaply made by director Ken Dixon, who also helmed the similar FILMGORE and FAMOUS T&A.


8. Sugar Hill (1974)



This blaxploitation zombie flick has its’ slow spots, but does feature a great performance by Robert Quarry as a mob boss and a groovy theme song. Should’ve stuck with the full title, the awesome “Sugar Hill and Her Zombie Hitmen.”


7. The Living Dead Girl (1982)


“Dreamlike” is often a synonym for “Doesn’t Make Any Sense,” and the films of Jean Rollin can go either way. A number of them are now available on streaming, link goes to his 1982 flick about the title zombie, who is helped by her childhood friend to sate her appetite. Though Rollin is more about look and feel than plot, most of his titles are worth a look. (Not ZOMBIE LAKE, though.)

6. The Video Dead (1987)



A new TV set ends up causing a zombie invasion in Robert Scott’s fondly remembered low-budget ‘80s horror flick, and the hapless kids in the family that bought it end up fending off the undead.


5. Cannibal! The Musical (1996)



Tony-award winner Trey Parker cut his teeth on his first feature-length film, an awesome low budget adaptation of the events of the legend of Alferd Packer, who allegedly had to eat the rest of his party to survive being lost in the Rocky Mountains. With Matt Stone, Jason McHugh and Dian Bachar.


4. Parents (1989)


Bob Balaban’s impressively twisted 1989 dark comedy set in the suburbs of the 1950s about a kid who slowly discovers that his parents’ food source may not be what they claim it is. With Randy Quaid, Mary Beth Hurt and Sandy Dennis.


3. Eat the Rich (1985)



Peter Richardson’s really oddball 1985 cannibal class warfare comedy about a pissed-off transgender waiter who teams with some revolutionaries to form a supper club where they abuse and serve rich people to themselves. With Robbie Coltraine, Lemmy, Angela Bowie, Katrin Cartlidge, Nigel Planer, Shane MacGowan, Miranda Richardson, Jennifer Saunders, Koo Stark, Rik Mayall and Paul McCartney.

2. Raw Meat (1973)



Gary Sherman’s underrated thriller about a group of flesh-eaters living underneath the London Tube tunnels is an impressively unsettling film, treating the subject matter with a seriousness it doesn’t normally receive. With Donald Pleasance and a bit part by Christopher Lee, it makes a great double bill with–

1. C.H.U.D. (1984)



–about a similar problem with underground dwellers in New York, this time done in a much more tongue-in-cheek mold. Seriously? You haven’t watched C.H.U.D. yet? Click the link already! John Heard stars, with Daniel Stern and Kim Greist.


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