HEY BASTARDS. Welcome to another edition of PSYCHOTRONIC NETFLIX! This week we’re celebrating a league of lethal ladies ready to kick ass and take names!

10. TNT Jackson (1974)



Prolific Filipino director Cirio Santiago directed this blaxploitation kung-fu pic starring Jeannie Bell as a karate expert who goes to Hong Kong to track down her brother’s killer. A premise so good that Santiago remade it a few years later as FIRECRACKER.

9. Switchblade Sisters (1975)


Jack Hill’s excellent 1975 girl gang flick about an internal power struggle in the ranks of distaff delinquents The Dagger Debs, with Robbie Lee, Monica Gayle, Don Stark and Lenny Bruce’s daughter Kitty as “Donut.”


8. Vamp (1986)



Okay, the movie isn’t great, and it’s mostly centered around a trio of guys (Chris Makepeace, Robert Rusler and Gedde Watanabe) going to the strip club populated by the undead, but Grace Jones, wearing Keith Haring-designed outfits and working as a stripper to feed her blood habit, it worth the price of admission. With Billy Drago, Sandy Baron and Dedee Pfeiffer.


7. Blood Games (1990)


An all-girl softball team beats a group of rednecks at a game and find themselves on the defensive when their upset turns the sore losers violent. With Laura Albert and Ross Hagen.

6. High School Hellcats (1958)



The title all-girl gang seduces good girl Yvonne Lime into a life of anti-authority bad girlness in Edward (QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE) Bernds’ highly entertaining juvenile delinquent flick.

5. Audition (1999)


Takashi Miike’s film is a charming romantic drama about an older widower who decides to take the plunge and begin looking for a new wife by holding auditions. At least that’s what you should tell people.


4. The Gore Gore Girls (1972)


Henny Youngman denied he was in Herschell Gordon Lewis’s splatter flick about a series of gory stripper murders, but the proof is right there, whether or not he likes it. Sleazy, mindless, and amazingly entertaining exploitation, this was Lewis’ last film until he returned with BLOOD FEAST 2 nearly 30 years later.


3. Wing Chun (1994)



Michelle Yeoh stars as a woman fending off bandits with her mastery of the title art. A good film, and a great showcase for Yeoh.

2. Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)


An alien force turns good girls into sex-crazed bee women who are determined to screw men to death in Denis Sanders’s tongue-in-cheek drive-in classic, with William Smith and Anitra Ford, and written by Nicholas Meyer, later the writer of TIME AFTER TIME and STAR TREK VI.

1. Foxy Brown (1974)



Did you seriously think I’d do this without a mention of Pam Grier? Seriously? There’s no reason to not see Jack Hill’s classic exploitation flick starring Ms. Grier as a woman who goes undercover as a hooker to get revenge on mobsters for her boyfriend’s murder. With Antonia Fargas and Sid Haig.


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