Happy International Female Orgasm Day!  The summer may be cooler than usual, but this week we’re letting it all hang out with ten sex-heavy flicks to change that! We’ve got more T&A and S&M than you can shake a… well, you can shake whatever you want at it. We’re not here to judge. Click on the box art and go straight to the action.

10. Au Pair Girls (1972)

au pair girls
Val Guest directed this sexy British flick about four women that come to London for work and find out their employment involves lots and lots of nudity.

9. Sex Galaxy (2008)

sex galaxy

Composed of clips from other movies overdubbed with new comic dialogue, Mike Davis’s low-budget pastiche doesn’t always hit the marks, but it’s enjoyable for genre fans.

8. Dagmar’s Hot Pants, Inc. (1971)


Dear Netflix, more ’70s Swedish sex flicks please. In this particular entry, a hooker on the verge of retiring from the field visits clients on her last day on the job.

7. Permissive (1972)


Lindsay Shonteff’s story about a girl who gets pulled into the groupie life style may seem like a standard sex flick, but it gets dark pretty quickly, and ends up in near-REEFER MADNESS territory.

6. Blue Summer (1973)

blue summer

There aren’t nearly enough films of the late sexploitation director Chuck Vincent available. This is one of his first, a film about two recent high school graduates sexing their way around the country, and while it delivers the required sexual punches, it’s also surprisingly poignant.

5. Beverly Hills Madam (1986)

beverly madam

Sure, it’s a TV-movie. But it has Faye Dunaway as a high-class madam dealing with the likes of Donna Dixon, Melody Anderson and Robin Givens. With Louis Jourdan, who does not play a prostitute.

4. Taxi Zum Klo (1981)


taxi zum klo
What, like the ladies are going to have all the fun? In Frank Ripploh’s unflinchingly explicit autobiographical film, he plays himself during his time exploring his homosexuality as a teacher in 1970s Germany.

3. Variety (1983)


Writer Kathy Acker wrote the screenplay to Bette Gordon’s underseen drama about a porn theater attendant and her regulars, starring Sandy McLeon and featuring Will Patton, Luis Guzman and Mark Boone Junior. Blink and you’ll miss Cookie Mueller.

2. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990)

tie me up

Pedro Almodovar’s gleefully funny comedy about the Stockholm Syndrome caused by a twisted fan (Antonio Banderas) kidnapping a porn starlet (Victoria Abril) is twisted, sexy fun and one of the director’s best.

1. The Telephone Book (1971)

telephone book

Future SNL writer Nelson Lyon directed this absurd, surreal flick about a woman obsessed with the world’s greatest obscene phone caller in one of the best cult films you probably haven’t seen. Check out our review here.

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    August 9, 2013

    The Taxi Zum Klo link took em to the netflix instant homepage. I had to copy the name of the film and paste it into their search bar. Movie better be worth all that damn effort!!!

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