This week’s Psychotronic Netflix might sting a little bit — we’ve got ten flicks involving medical professionals in peril!  Granted, some of them have a prescription for said peril, but there’s still going to be medical shenanigans galore!  So put on this gown, lie on the table and click on the titles to go to the Netflix page — take at least two flicks and call us in the morning.


10. Dead Sleep (1990)

deadsleep (470 x 704)

It’s more like an adaptation of a Robin Cook novel than a horror film, but still, Linda Blair as a nurse investigating mysterious deaths in a psycho ward in a movie from the director of the obscure slasher flick BLOODMOON? That’s got to be good for something.


9. Novocaine (2001)


Is there a such thing as “Dental Noir?” Because that’s a fair description of David Atkins’ unjustly forgotten dark comedy starring Steve Martin as a dentist whose life spirals out of control when a femme fatale patient (Helena Bonham Carter) enters his life. With Laura Dern, Lynne Thigpen, Elias Koteas, Keith David and Scott Caan.


8. The Black Sleep (1956)

black sleep (470 x 351)

Reginald (HOUSE OF WAX) Le Borg directed this mad scientist flick starring Basil Rathbone as a loopy doc who kidnaps folks and examines their brains to cure his wife’s brain tumor, with John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr., Tor Johnson and Bela Lugosi among those at his mercy. (Don’t get too excited, as it’s all Rathbone’s show — thankfully, he plays it to the hilt.)

7. Visiting Hours (1982)
visiting hours

An activist recovering from the attack of a serial killer rests up in a hospital bed, only to find the killer still on her trail in Jean-Claude Lord’s solid slasher flick, featuring Lee Grant, Linda Purl, Michael Ironside and William Shatner.

6. Brain Dead (1990)

brain dead

Bill Pullman stars in Adam Simon’s underrated thriller written by regular “Twilight Zone” scribe Charles Beaumont, as a neurosurgeon hired by a corporation to get data from the mind of an insane mathematician. With Bill Paxton, Bud Cort, George Kennedy, Nicholas Pryor and Patricia Charbonneau.

5. The Student Nurses (1970)


Hellll-o, nurse! The first film in New World’s “nurses” series features a foursome of young nursing students and their sexy adventures, given a little bit more drama than you’d expect courtesy direction by Stephanie Rothman.

4. Jack’s Back (1988)
jacks back (470 x 714)

James Spader’s weirdly alluring creepiness is used to its’ best advantage in Rowdy (ROAD HOUSE) Harrington’s story as a doc who may or may not be a serial killer commemorating the 100th anniversary of Jack the Ripper with a series of murders. With Cynthia Gibb, Robert Picardo and “Twin Peaks”‘s Chris Mulkey.

3. Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)


Takashi Shimizu’s atmospheric film inspired an American remake, but the original is a J-Horror classic with six parts interconnected to form one atmospheric treat. Little kids staring into the darkness may be overused now, but a decade ago, Ju-on was something of a revelation.

2. American Mary (2012)

American Mary_Poster 02 copy

Daily Grindhouse’s own Tristan Risk was nominated for a Fangoria Chainsaw Award in the Soska Sisters’ tale of a medical student (Katherine Isabelle) involved in the world of underground surgery – a talent she uses for her own bloody means.

1. Re-Animator (1985)

Stuart Gordon has proven to be the only director to reliably be able to take on the ideas of H.P. Lovecraft, as first noted in his adaptation of Lovecraft’s pulpy tale starring Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West, a medical student intent on bringing dead tissue back to life. With David Gale, Bruce Abbott and Barbara Crampton.

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