So what should one do if you find yourself under pursuit by a devil cult in an army of souped-up vehicles? Why you try and outrace them in a Winnebago naturally! At least that’s what Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit, and Lara Parker are forced to do after they witness a satanic ritual murder during a road trip vacation.

RACE WITH THE DEVIL is a wild little thriller that seems to have slipped under the radar over the years, for both horror fans and car chase enthusiasts alike. Well worth a look for fans of both genres. The climatic chase where the cultists commit a full-scale attack on the careening Winnebago predates THE ROAD WARRIOR and its similar tanker chase by seven years.





RACE WITH THE DEVIL is playing tonight at the Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill in North Portland. Hurry!





Mac Bell

Mac Bell

Mac Bell has been a fan of monster movies and slapstick comedies since he caught his first Godzilla movie at the tender age of four. When not writing about them, Mac likes screening them at a B Movie Night at a local bar & grill in Portland, Oregon.
Mac Bell

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