HE NEVER DIED was one of the more pleasant genre film surprises of 2015. As much as I tend to enjoy Henry Rollins in his capacity as a musician, writer, and sometime talk show host, his career as an actor has been spotty. His performances have always been solid, but the movies he was often cast in tended to be a chore to watch (with the notable exception of HEAT). But with his first lead role, Rollins shined in an oddly comic scenario that found him playing an immortal, misanthropic loner named Jack (if you haven’t yet seen HE NEVER DIED, go watch it for one of the better reveals of a true identity in a film) who is also a violent cannibal doing his best to keep his anger and taste for human flesh in check (turns out, playing bingo helps).


Now, word comes from The Hollywood Reporter that Jason Krawczyk, the writer/director of the first film, is prepping to shoot a sequel in May with Rollins returning. Other than the article goofily referring to Rollins as a “Sons of Anarchy star” (because when you think of Henry Rollins, you think of Sons of Anarchy), there is not much information or entertainment value to be gleaned from the news.


I hope this does not fall through. Rollins’ Jack is a fun character whose story could veer off any number of directions, making a HE NEVER DIED sequel a more welcome proposition than most part 2’s we hear about.



–Matt Wedge (@MovieNerdMatt)

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