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Welcome back to The Wall, ya bunch of delinquents.

If you’re in to buying shit, there is a lot of shit dropping, so grab your buckets. However, if you’re picky jerks like us and only buy the heavy re-Watch that comes with titles like SATURN 3, FAMILY PLOT, SERPICO, you know… good films, then this week is a little light. Fine by us, this month is a tough one anyway because of all the sales taunting our wallets so it’s nice to have a slower week to launch the month.


Speaking of SATURN 3, this is the release of the week at DG HQ. Another notch for Scream Factory’s play for label of the year. SATURN 3 isn’t a great film, it’s a quirky piece of sci-fi leaning on 2001 and ALIEN, but there is something immensely watchable about this bizarre oddity: dubbed Harvey Keitel, killer robots, and creepy in all the right spots, this one deserves your dollars before anything else this week.


Also out this week, Hugh Jackman returns in THE WOLVERINE, for my money this was the best representation of the character we’ve seen on screen thanks to an original and compelling story and some flat out brilliant action scenes (a fight on the bullet train near the end of the film is fucking nuts). Jackman has always been great in this role, but here he’s perfect. He has more depth thanks to a smart script, and unlike the boring X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, he finally has a director (James Mangold) that knows how to use both the characters and the locations to great effect.

Criterion has a few new titles hitting Blu, ANCHORMAN’s Rich Mahogany Edition (previously only available through Best Buy) is available to the masses, and ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE, the long delayed modern exploitation film, is going to disappoint a lot of people when they finally see it. It has built a reputation based on really nothing more than its lack of availability, and it’s just an okay film that nobody would remember had it achieved a release date shortly after it went theatrical.

That’s it for this week, Bastards. As usual, hit the links below when you pick your flicks, it helps toss some coin at the site and keeps the DG doors open.

Here’s to good watching this week, SALUTE!

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