[S.O.S] Strike A Blow Against Cancer & Help Out A Friend Of DAILY GRINDHOUSE

In the era of social media, it’s not uncommon to feel close to someone who you’ve never met in person (and in plenty of cases, never will). When you listen to your favorite podcasters discuss their favorite movies and music week after week, you start to feel like long time friends, even if you’ve never had a beer together. I’ve written frequently about BEYOND YACHT ROCK—possibly my favorite running podcast—and the hosts even contributed a fun piece to last year’s STAR WARS WEEK at DAILY GRINDHOUSE. These are the guys that coined the term “yacht rock” with their popular 2007 web series of the same name.

Over the weekend it was revealed that­­­­­ Leah Ryznar—wife of host J.D. Ryznar—is going through a difficult cancer recovery and a Go Fund Me page had been set up to help them and their family through this trying time.

Every September, I collect donations for St. Jude Children’s hospital through work. I’m generally one of the biggest collectors in the company. Cancer sucks, but I’ve been lucky enough that nobody in my immediate family has ever been afflicted and needed help. I’m imploring you, the DAILY GRINDHOUSE readers to look into your hearts and wallets and contribute to this cause. We give so much to Kickstarters, Patreons, and our favorite bartenders, so let’s give to one that really counts for something. I don’t know Ryznar personally, but he’s been nothing but pleasant to me (even when he calls me a jagoff on the show) and nobody should have to go through what Leah is going through right now.


You can donate right here. We’re happy to get the kind of money that jingles, but we’d prefer the kind that folds.


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