John Carpenter talks about his film’s scores over at Noisey.

Did WATCHMEN get “saved” from Terry Gilliam?  The ending he had in mind sounds… not good.

Here is a supercut of dancing in the (mostly non-musical) movies:

Mental Floss brings up a list of 9 Oscar-nominated films that have been lost in various forms.

Our own Matt Wedge looks at I, THE JURY as part of his series on the films of Larry Cohen.

The Let’s Get Out of Here blog looked at movie posters for each chapter of 1928’s serial THE HOUSE OF TERROR.

The new competitors on “Dancing With the Stars” includes… Billy Dee Williams?!

Robert Hays and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar reteam for an AIRPLANE!-themed ad for Wisconsin, a big, pretty, white state – it looks nothing like a big Tylenol.


FCC fines cable companies $2 million for… the trailer for OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN?

Over at Made for TV Mayhem, a look at 1979’s TV flick EBONY, IVORY AND JADE starring RACQUET’s Bert Convy, not to be confused with the Cirio Santiago film of the same name.

A song created from Jeff Golblum’s laugh from JURASSIC PARK?  Sure, why the hell not.

I, for one, would totally watch THE WORF OF WALL STREET:

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