The FIST OF JESUS short wants to go to feature length – help ‘em out by contributing to their Kickstarter! blackdragon

Code Red DVD releases DEATH PROMISE, DEATH MACHINE, BLACK DRAGON and FOXBAT, all available here.

Drafthouse Films announces Ben Wheatley’s A FIELD IN ENGLAND for Blu-Ray and DVD on April 8 – check out the trailer here!

RLJ/Image Entertainment plans to release WOLF CREEK 2 on VOD on April 17th. and to theaters on May 16th.

The Projection Booth podcast with guest co-host Heather Drain flame on for Veronika Rocket’s SMOKER.

Joe Blevins looked at Ed Wood’s contributions to Sam Fuller’s THE BARON OF ARIZONA.

leviathanScream Factory announces LEVIATHAN for release this summer on their Facebook page.

John Squires gave you summer vacation plans in 10 Iconic Horror Movie Locales to Visit Before You Die!

Obscure One-Sheet took a trek with Joseph Strick’s underrated ROAD MOVIE.

Video Junkie on Robert Clouse’s final film, the Bolo Young starrer IRONHEART.

GHOSTBUSTERS III may still happen, but without Ivan Reitman.

Here’s a full trailer for FX’s new TV series based on the Coen’s FARGO, premiering April 15:

And a new, full green-band trailer for Ti West’s THE SACRAMENT:

Vinegar Syndrome let out their Promo trailer for the release of MARILYN AND THE SENATOR, due April 8:

A viral video for THE SIGNAL, starring Laurence Fishburne and a cow:

And finally, a fairly bland trailer for the dystopian flick THE GIVER:

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