Wired’s oral history of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” is the most important thing of today.

Dangerous Minds on the Lost Art of the VHS Cover, featuring the great VHS Cover Junkie blog.

Kickstarter launched for Chicago-based sci-fi feminist satire SPACE HAPPENScheck it out!

Some guy dressed as Deee-Lite’s DJ Dmitry wants to be like Everything is Terrible!, but with SPEED, so Vice talked to him.

The final Kim’s Video location in New York City will close this summer.

As SORCERER gets a Blu-ray release, Vanity Fair talks to director William Friedkin about the film.

Our own Craig Edwards writes about the underwater Nazi zombie classic SHOCK WAVES on his blog.

Candida Royalle talks to the Rialto Report on their latest episode.

And the Blodbaths and Boomsticks Podcast looks at the bizarre trio of HELLRAISER: BLOODLINES, SON OF BLOB and DON’T LOOK NOW.

Shut up about your damn “guilty pleasures.”

Unearthed Films’ Stephen Biro will be producing a series of American-made GUINEA PIG films, directing the first entry, BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORETHE MANSON FAMILY‘s Jim VanBebber will be serving as cinematographer.

Steven Soderbergh continues to be terrible at retiring by re-editing HEAVEN’S GATE into a manageable 108 minutes.

Which 1940’s Kay Kyser/Boris Karloff/Peter Lorre/Bela Lugosi musical comedy horror flick gets the Dwrayger Dungeon treatment?  YOU’LL FIND OUT.

The Joss Whedon-written and produced IN YOUR EYES debuts on Vimeo, and is available for a mere $5.

Netflix to raise prices for new members.  Whiners to raise hackles for not having their every entertainment need met for $8 a month.

Typhoon is releasing Barry J. Gillis’s THE KILLING GAMES to iTunes, Google Play and other VOD outlets – here’s the trailer:

A trailer for the snowbound thriller WHITEWASH, starring Thomas Haden Church:

Bad Lip Reading does THE WOLF OF WALL STREET:

And Harry Potter gets re-imagined as ‘80s-era cyberpunk anime:

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