Hey grindhouse fans! Welcome to another batch of random news from all over the world of exploitation!

First off, how can not you not love a sitcom-cut version of THE EXORCIST? (Needs more Pazuzu, though.)

Scream Factory announces that TERRORVISION and THE VIDEO DEAD will be released as a double feature blu-ray in 2013. Check out the artwork!

Meanwhile, Synapse announces the release of the 1995 UK series CHILLERS to DVD for the first time in the States.
The makers of the nifty pop culture documentary THE PEOPLE VS. GEORGE LUCAS start a Kickstarter campaign for their follow-up DOC OF THE DEAD. George Romero, Simon Pegg and Alex Cox(!) are among those already involved.

The new EVIL DEAD remake gets a red-band trailer, officially this time. And it looks… good?


…as does the 4th or 6th (depending on how you count) UNIVERSAL SOLDIER film, DAY OF RECKONING:

Listen to the soundtrack to THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS.
The Alamo Drafthouse wants your short films telling people to shut the hell up and watch the damn movie.
While “Community” may only occasionally be classified as explotiation-friendly (though the Season 2 zombie episode is amazing), this Bettie Page-inspired striptease video featuring Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs is certainly one for both fans of the show and anyone who’s spent time with the extras on a “Something Weird” double feature disc.

Banned Books Week is over, but Stephen King’s “Different Seasons” gets challenged at a California high school library.
If in Chicago, be sure to check out the stage adaptation of PONTYPOOL in time for Halloween.


-Compiled by Paul Freitag

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