The American Genre Film Archive in Austin needs your help to restore some genre classics!

phantasmSeverin Films is losing the rights to three of their Lucio Fulci titles – they’re offering up a special deal on the remainder of their stock.

You’re going to get the newly-published “Phantasm Exhumed” book, booooooooyyyyy!

JP Morgan Chase appoints themselves lords of your morality by closing the accounts of adult film stars due to “Ethics.”

The Unknown Movies looks at Dan Aykroyd’s debut film, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

Tankhead Custom Tees defends a stupid t-shirt in one of the most idiotic ways possible.

Whatever happened to that Nicolas Winding Refn MANIAC COP reboot?

The ever-reliable Projection Booth podcast gets arrested by the BAD LIEUTENANT films.

The ScreamQueenz horror podcast looks at ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, PROXY, STAGE FRIGHT and OCULUS.

Trailer arrives for [REC]4 APOCALYPSE, premiering at Sitches:

A new 60 second trailer for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR:

And an entertaining trailer for the ridiculous-looking Portuguese comedy CAPTAIN FALCON:

And one for the new remake of 1974’s VAMPYRES – this version is directed by Victor Matellano and features Caroline Munro!

And, finally, one for the creepy-looking Paris-set AS ABOVE SO BELOW, from the directors of QUARANTINE and DEVIL:

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