Herbert Lom, star of the PINK PANTHER films, several Harry Alan Towers productions (including TEN LITTLE INDIANS twice), THE DEAD ZONE, Michele Soavi’s THE SECT and such grindhouse fare as ASYLUM, MARK OF THE DEVIL, AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS, 99 WOMEN and Hammer’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA dies at age 95.
A new trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 hits the web — the film opens October 19.
“PG-13 horror films suck and are everywhere” gets the Polifact treatment.
The inner workings of China’s film censorship structure get some exposure.
Classic adult film director Shaun Costello (WATERPOWER, FORCED ENTRY) launches a Kickstarter for his autobiography, RISKY BEHAVIOR.
FRANKENWEENIE song “Strange Love” by Karen O gets a Lyric Video.
Revealed: The secrets of David Bowie’s LABYRINTHian balls.

What would it look like if Bob Ross had painted Cthulhu?
-Compiled by Paul Freitag

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