Got a few minutes to kill and need some entertainment? We’ve got a quartet of clever comedy-based genre entertainment for you that won’t take longer than a potty break. You can even watch them on the john, if you want. We won’t tell anyone.

Schrödinger’s Mummy

Dir. Zoran Gvojic

Gvojic’s Lowcarbcomedy continues his series of impressively funny faux trailers with this great take on vintage monster flicks, winner of the Chicago-based Massacre Film Festival’s Roger Corman Trailer Contest.

Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film

Dir. Joe Nicolosi

At last, characters that heed the warnings laid out by DON’T.


Blade Runner – Classic Noir Trailer

Dir. Chet Desmond

The biggest surprise about this recut trailer for BLADE RUNNER, re-imagined as a ‘40s noir film, is that it hadn’t been done yet. It would need more on-screen text and narration to be convincing (the Premakes guy has this sort of style down to a science) but it’s still fun.


Rambo, But Gay

Dir. Michael Serrato

Because the original FIRST BLOOD wasn’t quite homoerotic enough, here’s an epic musical take on the story of John Rambo, who returns from the war with a chip on his shoulder and a song in his heart.


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