We are constantly looking for new and different films when it comes to bringing you the best in genre entertainment. Short films are often where you find the most exciting new filmmakers taking chances, yet most audiences don’t seek them out. With that in mind, we will be showcasing a short film each week in an effort to give a signal boost to shorts we enjoy.


I first saw OVERTIME at the 2016 Fantastic Fest. At the time, I called it “Damn near a perfectly constructed short film.” Upon re-watching it nearly two years later, I have to admit my initial analysis was incorrect. It is not near perfect construction, it is perfect construction when it comes to putting together a short film.



The simple tale of what happens when a man (Aaron Glenane) who knows he will turn into a werewolf when the full moon rises is forced to work late at his boring office job, OVERTIME milks that premise for all the suspense and comedy that co-writer/producer/director Craig D. Foster and co-writer/editor/producer Emma McKenna can get out of it. Considering the film only runs just shy of nine minutes, it is truly impressive how many clever plot points and effective character bits it hits as the filmmakers steadily ramp up the tension. This is slick, funny, and exciting filmmaking of the highest order.



–Matt Wedge (@MovieNerdMatt)

Matt Wedge

Matt Wedge

Matt Wedge is a writer, film fanatic, cat herder, and Daily Grindhouse news editor whose obsession with the films of Larry Cohen and sticking up for unfairly-maligned cinematic bombs can be read at his site, Obsessive Movie Nerd. You can follow him on Twitter as @MovieNerdMatt.
Matt Wedge

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