It’s Friday!  For many of us, that means it’s payday, and we’ve got so much money on our hands that we don’t know what to do with it all!  Bills?  Food?  Rent?  Gas?  Screw all that stuff!  We know you just want to give it all to fund noteworthy genre film projects!

But there’s a lot out there!  So many intriguing-looking short films, documentaries and events that are clamoring for your cash!  It’s a good thing that Daily Grindhouse is here to help, with a number of recommended places to utilize your hard-earned cash for its fullest psychotronic potential!

Of course, the most important thing you should be throwing your money at is BEARD-OS AND BADASSES, a new doc from former Daily Grindhouse editor Geoff Todd and Asylum writer H. Perry Horton.  Now, we’re not just saying this because we’re biased and because Mr. Todd and Mr. Horton are good guys, we’re saying this because it’s a great idea for a project – an oral history of online film journalism, featuring interviews from those who moved the cult film community off the page and onto your monitor.  Or phone.  Whatever.


Already involved with the project are Corona Coming Attractions’ Patrick Sauriol, Dark Horizons’ Garth Franklin, Dread Central’s Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton and Jon “Value” Condit, Film Threat’s Chris Gore, REWIND THIS!’s Josh Johnson, Canuxploitation’s Paul Corupe, FEARnet’s Scott Weinberg, The Projection Booth and Cashiers du Cinemart’s Mike White, Fangoria’s Chris Alexander, Video Watchdog’s Tim Lucas, Everything is Terrible!’s Katie Rife, eh, basically everyone who’s ever written anything about film online.

You can help ‘em out with funds to secure travel, film rights and all the other stuff needed to put together one of the most compelling pop culture docs of our time.  Ain’t it cool?

There’s only a few more hours left to contribute funds to OLD SCHOOL GANGSTAS, a new Blaxploitation homage to be directed by Fred Williamson, featuring Williamson, Pam Grier, Richard Roundtree, Robert Forster, Bernie Casey, Antonio Fargas and Gloria Hendry.  Let the Hammer himself sell you:

“The World’s First Feature Length Claysploitation” film, SPOOK HOUSE 3D looks amazing, a full-length Claymation horror flick about a group of kids investigating why a train was shut down.  It’s directed by Lee Hardcastle, the animator behind THE ABCS OF DEATH’s “T is for Toilet” segment and Love Automatic’s great music video for NIGHTMARE.  Here’s the trailer:

Richard Elfman’s FORBIDDEN ZONE is one of the greatest cinematic oddities of the ‘80s, and if you disagree, you’re just a terrible person.  It’s taken three decades, but Elfman is finally making a sequel in FORBIDDEN ZONE 2, and you can be part of it!  Contribute enough and you’ll be the King of the Sixth Dimension!

The short film FIST OF JESUS knocked our sandals off last year, and now the filmmakers want to turn it into a feature in the form of ONCE UPON A TIME IN JERSUALEM.  It’s like SON OF GOD meets ARMY OF DARKNESS, so it’ll appeal to everyone!  Or at least you.  And it looks amazing.

RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH producer Justin Martell and THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky team up for MEGAFOOT, which looks to be the ultimate in ridiculous bigfoot flicks.  It’s already good some amazing poster art and a great vibe for the type of tongue-in-cheek throwback it’s trying to be.  Give now!

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to Mark Torgi, the actor who played Melvin the Mop Boy in the first TOXIC AVENGER?  He did not, as it turns out, actually become the Toxic Avenger!  Joe Nardelli’s faux documentary TOXIC TUTU follows Torgi on the convention circuit and seems like an oddly unique premise that Troma fans should take an interest in.  Contribute here!

Indiegogo Teaser 3-13-14 from Mark Torgl on Vimeo.

THE BRAIN and BLOODY BIRTHDAY director Ed Hunt returns with a new horror flick starring Eric Roberts  as Dracula (!), who hosts a reality television show in which a group of teenagers are stalked by a demon doll.  What the hell?  This deserves backing, at least to figure out what the heck this will be like.

I don’t know if the world needs another adaptation of DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, but if you’re going to make one, it might as well have Mickey Rooney, Margaret O’Brien(!) and Vernon Wells.  Brian Barsuglia directs, and they’re just looking for finishing funds.

IndieGoGo Fundraiser for Jekyll and Hyde from FlipsideTV on Vimeo.

Chris Macht directed a pair of documentaries focusing on STAR WARS fandom, THE FORCE AMONG US and THE FORCE WITHIN US, but his latest effort looks at the huge cult that has emerged around “The Walking Dead.  Check it out!

It is a documentary on the making of Elaine May’s ISHTAR.  Charles Grodin, Carol Kane and Paul Williams are involved.  IT IS A DOCUMENTARY ON THE MAKING OF ISHTAR.  If they get enough money, maybe they can coax Warren Beatty to talk.

Lastly but not leastly, the Wilmette Theater in the north Chicagoland area could use some funds to get the digital projectors needed to play all the newfangled movies the kids are all about these days.  I’ll be honest – this one’s close to my heart because it’s about two miles away from where I live, and I’d hate to see a great neighborhood theater like this one go to pot.

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