[Sight Unseen] Short Film “FEAR WISH” (2020) Is Best Experienced Cold

Sometimes I come across shorts (or even features) I want to recommend but am reluctant to write about because they’re best experienced entering in “cold.” Some people care about spoilers and some don’t, but I like to be surprised by the twists and turns of a story well-told, even if—maybe especially if—it’s a very short story. For the purpose of recommending such things, here is Sight Unseen—a semi-regular umbrella under which I may recommend things I feel are best experienced without any forewarning or hints of what’s to come.

Today (or tonight) I recommend you turn out the lights, put on your best set of headphones, and experience FEAR WISH, a 2020 short film written and directed by Todd Spence and Zak White of Midnight Video. Todd and Zak are frequent purveyors of short-form shockers. Daily Grindhouse has shown a spotlight on some of their other works in the past, such as the dope WHERE IS IT? and the haunting YOUR DATE IS HERE.

FEAR WISH fits in perfectly alongside those other awesome and appalling amuse-bouches. Check it out:

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