Since its humble beginnings as a Texas horror convention, launching at Grapevine Convention Center in 2006 (I was there for it all!), Texas Frightmare Weekend has been giving its devoted attendees something to scream about each and every year. It’s quite the gift to have while we horror fans mourn the recent loss of Halloween, and to celebrate its impending arrival. This May 3-5, Texas Frightmare Weekend will open its doors for its fourteenth year, and flocks of fright fans will be traveling to the Hyatt Regency, located in the midst of the labyrinthine concrete jungle that is the DFW Airport to hobnob with horror talent and fans alike amidst the roar of airplane engines and cosplaying werewolves.


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This year, the macabre masterminds at Texas Frightmare Weekend have lined up a murderer’s row of talent ranging from the immortal Tim Curry, the iconic champ with the memorable chin Bruce Campbell, preeminent Horror Queen Barbara Crampton, Lance Henriksen, Robert Englund, and Meat Loaf. Additionally, you’ll find Shapes both past and present, Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney; a smattering of cast from various NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films, including Heather Langenkamp, a RE-ANIMATOR reunion with Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, and Kathleen Kinmont (cops do it by the book!), and both Billys from SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT and Part 2, Robert Brian Wilson and Eric Freeman. And of course, the horror fans will clamor around the fright folk hero himself, Joe Bob Briggs.  For a complete guest list, here’s the link.


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Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019 promises to deliver a cavalcade of cult carnage for horror fans old and new. Act fast and snatch your tickets up here. Also, for those burgeoning scary movie lovers in your household, kids 12 and under are FREE! You cannot beat that kind of deal when bringing the mini-monster at home along, especially when they’ll be front row and center for some of horror’s greatest historical icons.








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