Kubrick’s third film is tough as nails and it’s made even better by the writing chops of Jim Thompson (author of The Grifters, The Getaway, The Killer Inside Me) who brought his dime store novel hard-boiled dialogue to life. This film gave popular film conventions the finger and worked on it’s own terms. THE KILLING jumps back and forth in it’s timeline as it tells the story of a 2 million dollar race-track heist being planned by Sterling Hayden (who has never been better in my opinion, yeah he was on fire in DR. STRANGELOVE but he was never this tough). This is a complex film that never hesitates to bust you in the chops.






Jon Abrams

Editor-In-Chief at Daily Grindhouse
Jon Abrams is a New York-based writer, cartoonist, and committed cinemaniac whose complete work and credits can be found at his site, Demon’s Resume. You can contact him on Twitter as @JonZilla___.
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