Of all the shit film adaptations Stephen King has endured over the years, the one he had a problem with was Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece THE SHINING. Flash forward to 1997, and we now have a TV mini-series, with Steven Weber replacing Jack Nicholson, and Mick Garris replacing Stanley Kubrick. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do the math.


Granted, I haven’t seen this. Perhaps it’s simply wonderful and renders the Kubrick version obsolete. I will never know, and you can’t fucking make me.




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    August 1, 2020

    I’m so sick to death of so many people knocking this miniseries, a movie (yes, I said MOVIE!) that happens to be my favorite adaptation of The Shining! It’s even worse when you see it being insulted by someone who has never even seen it! The acting isn’t perfect, but in most cases, it’s good enough to tell the story effectively. Steven Weber’s performance as Jack Torrance is, in my opinion, better than Jack Nicholson’s. The special effects are awesome, with the exception of the pitifully executed CGI hedge animals! It’s also VERY faithful to Stephen King’s novel. I saw the original version as a kid, and I loved it for years, until I finally got the chance to read the book and realized how much better the movie, which is still a great movie, could’ve been had it been more faithful to the book. When it comes to the miniseries, the haters can say all of the ugly, disgusting things they want about it. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. It’s not a perfect movie (or miniseries, if you want to split hairs). But, until another adaptation is filmed, one that stay faithful to King’s book, still be a great movie, and please EVERYONE who likes the book, either of the two current adaptations, or both, this is close enough to perfection for me!

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