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Roger Moore finally nailed it as 007, Richard Keil cemented the role of henchman possessed with a physical ailment/attribute acting as an ultimate killing machine and the Lotus Esprit matched the old school Astin Martin as Bond’s coolest vehicle in the 007 movie that dared to compete with STAR WARS in the landmark year of cinema, circa 1977. From the opening ski jump teaser to Ken Adam’s amazing set design in the mammoth tanker finale, the 007 production team proved that nobody could do it better with a film that saved a sputtering franchise from extinction, exemplifying that sometimes the kitchen sink was a welcome addition to an action/adventure series that had seemingly run its course. Add a Bond girl that caught the eye of a Beatle and you’ve got the ultimate slice of Bond pop culture since golden girl Shirley Eaton vamped her way onto the cover of Life magazine.








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