Robinson Devor’s THE WOMAN CHASER, a cinematic adaption of the Charles Willeford novel of the same name, is a great work of darkly comic neo-noir, and it’s developed a cult following since its first release in 1999.  The film stars Patrick Warburton as Richard Hudson, a car salesman who decides to make a movie, “The Man Who Got Away,” and will go through any lengths to get it made – even if the movie itself is way too short, makes little sense and is philosophically, er, problematic.  Shot in black and white, CHASER is an amazing watch, one of the most genuinely unique indie films of the ‘90s.

The problem is that, for years, nobody’s been able to see the damn thing, save for daliances on the grey market.  After playing a number of film festivals and being granted a small theatrical release in 1999, the film basically vanished, its’ meager VHS release limited to Hollywood Video stores that only picked up a couple of copies per location.

The legend of the film has lingered, however, thanks to word of mouth, including a great podcast from The Projection Booth a few years back.  (In which I participated, giving you the rare chance to hear my dulcet tones giving opinions nobody asked for.)  It’s from Mike White, the Projection Booth’s host and founder, that we get the news that THE WOMAN CHASER will be returning to television screens via iTunes on May 1, and Hulu, Netflix and Amazon on May 20.

But don’t take my word for it – let’s let Richard Hudson himself tell you:

So keep your eyes peeled for THE WOMAN CHASER on your streaming service – it’s well worth the 15 year wait!

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