We all have our little pet sub-genres. Some of you are really into Italian cannibal movies, others will go out of your way to see some vampire lesbians, or get wet going after some aquatic horror.


For me, I can’t get enough of movies about giant man eating pigs.


It definitely started when I was in middle school and went to my local Blockbuster and somehow walked out with a copy of RAZORBACK, which remains a favorite of mine to this day, and which led to this particular mini-obsession with the sub-genre. That being said, as far as subgenres go, it’s a pretty small one. I’m only really aware of two other ones: PIG HUNT and the South Korean CHAWZ, which might be the weirdest remake of JAWS you will ever see.


Which is why it was great news today when I found out that there would be an addition to this illustrious cannon come next year with BOAR.








So, hot take: There’s a part of me that thinks the people who are making this were thinking of me specifically when they were making it. For one it seems to have the always-welcome Bill Moseley in its cast, looking fairly normal to boot, and the BOAR in question looks like its a nice mix of practical and digital effects, which should look cool.


I’m not super familiar with writer/director Chris Sun except that a lot of people I know seem to compare him to fellow Australian filmmaker Greg McLean (director of WOLF CREEK and the underrated killer crocodile movie ROGUE) and this trailer has a pretty intense tone to it, so I kind of get the comparisons. Judging on its own merits though we can always use more nature attack movies like this so I’m hoping we get to see BOAR sooner rather than later.


What do you guys think? You ready to rut?







Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith

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