News of any new film from Japanese legend Takashi Miike is always welcome around the DAILY GRINDHOUSE virtual offices. But today’s red-band trailer release for his upcoming BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL has me positively giddy. Miike’s 100th film (!) looks to be slightly more in line with the epic historical action of 13 ASSASSINS than the more surreal cops and yakuza dramas and horror films to which he has increasingly returned in the last several years. But as you can see from the trailer, setting the film in feudal Japan does not mean he has completely abandoned his sense of humor and the absurd. I cannot wait for this one.


Matt Wedge

Matt Wedge

Matt Wedge is a writer, film fanatic, cat herder, and Daily Grindhouse assistant editor whose obsession with the films of Larry Cohen and sticking up for unfairly-maligned cinematic bombs can be read at his site, Obsessive Movie Nerd. You can follow him on Twitter at @MattWedgeDG.
Matt Wedge

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