Trailer for Spielberg’s LINCOLN drops. America swoons.




Despite a mediocre track record as of late, anything touched by Steven Spielberg still makes a multitude of geek hearts go all aflutter. LINCOLN should prove no different.



Any American who squeaked through the 2nd grade is familiar with the story: Cannot tell a lie. Chopped down a cherry tree. Was the fifth Beatle. Fought Bruce Lee in THE WAY OF THE DRAGON. To be quite honest, the whole thing is almost cliché. However, Spielberg is undeniably talented, and with this stable of gifted thespians at his disposal, LINCOLN could very well be a solid flick. Or pandering Oscar bait. You decide.


The biggest question, of course, is Sally Field hot enough to fill Mary Todd’s comfortable loafers?


Oh! Daddy likey!


LINCOLN stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Jesus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin, James Spader as Bilbo, and Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln.



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