Hey, kid:  Do you like kung-fu movies?  Do you like time-travel movies?  Do you like vikings?  Do you like dinosaurs or skateboards or Deloreans or video games or robots or Nazi-killing?  How would you like all of those things at once?  Enter KUNG FURY, in which a Miami cop in the 1980s with remarkable kung-fu skills travels back in time to stop the most evil kung-fu master of all, Adolph Hitler, also known as the Kung Führer.  Along the way there’s a cameo by the Norse god Thor, though it’s not the one you’re thinking about.


Frankly it’s hard to believe this isn’t the handiwork of the mad geniuses at Astron-6, but it really isn’t.  The writer/director/star David Sandberg hails from Sweden, and he’s already shot a healthy amount of footage and cut a killer trailer.  He’s turned to Kickstarter to raise the rest of the money, and it looks like, as I type this, the project has exceeded its fundraising goal.  That makes it likely we’ll be seeing KUNG FURY in the near future.  Follow the project on Facebook and Instagram.

And now, at last, the trailer:


Jon Abrams

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