There are so many important filmmakers in the horror genre, filmmakers who have created works of cinematic genius that have staying power and subtext, and are truly entertaining to watch. These filmmakers are held to a higher standard, have influenced generations of filmmakers, and now hold the prestigious title of “Master of Horror.” John Carpenter is absolutely one who deserves this title.


I was a fan of John Carpenter’s work before I even knew who John Carpenter was. Some of the earliest genre films that made me fall in love with horror were HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH (1982) and THE THING (1982). Now as a middle-aged fanboy, I couldn’t help but get excited over EVIL ENTITIES announcing their release of a John Carpenter mystery box.



The themes for EVIL ENTITIES’ John Carpenter box were: PRINCE OF DARKNESS (1987), THE FOG (1980), CHRISTINE (1983), THEY LIVE (1988), ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981), THE THING, and HALLOWEEN III. All of EVIL ENTITIES’ items are handmade. They are also signed and numbered by the artist. These boxes have a higher price point than most subscription boxes, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the cost.


Please enjoy my unboxing video. I had a lot of fun making it. Horror-themed mystery boxes are one of my favorite things. I do use profanity, so my videos are of the not-safe-for-work nature. Make sure to visit EVIL ENTITIES at LB3Ddesign.com and support independent horror artists. Tell ‘em that Germ sent ya!




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