Joe Carnahan is one of my favorite younger filmmakers. Among other highlights, he’s made a genuinely terrific movie with NARC and a thoroughly gonzo blockbuster with THE A-TEAM. His most recent feature before now was THE GREY, which was my number-one movie of 2012. He’s been mainly working in TV for the last few years, making the pilot for the very successful The Blacklist and the one for the very interesting Those Who Kill. Next up is State Of Affairs. Somewhere in there, he’s cranked out another feature and that’s what STRETCH is.

STRETCH has a cool premise, kind of COLLATERAL for the limousine industry. Patrick Wilson plays a bad-day-having chaffeur who gets a nightmare of a contract from Ray Liotta, which I guess he should have seen coming at “Ray Liotta.” Along the way he meets all kinds of twisted characters. Some of the casting choices are more exciting to me than others are, but people can always surprise you. In my opinion Ray Liotta can be counted on to make every scene he’s in a great one, as he did triumphantly throughout Carnahan’s NARC and also in all of his scenes in Carnahan’s misunderstood SMOKIN’ ACES, which this movie (from the trailer, at least) somewhat resembles. If you ask me, that’s a good thing.








That’s Chris Pine, the new Captain Kirk, believe it or not. His arguable best role to date was in SMOKIN’ ACES and this looks like more of the same.




That’s Jessica Alba, looking awesomely, uncharacteristically manic.




I do not know who or what that is.




STRETCH is being released on Amazon and iTunes on October 7th, 2014. 





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