THE ASTROLOGER Is Coming To The Nitehawk Cinema In Brooklyn!

Earlier this year, Daily Grindhouse in conjunction with The Front Row and The. A.V. Club brought Craig Denney’s bonkers passion piece THE ASTROLOGER to Chicago’s Music Box Theater. The midnight screenings were gangbusters and the crowd couldn’t get enough. We’re happy to say that thanks to the Nitehawk Cinema, Wrong Reel Podcast, and AGFA, we’re taking the show on the road! THE ASTROLOGER will screen at midnight on July 20th and 2st. Assistant editor Mike Vanderbilt will be flying out from Chicago to join Kevin Maher of Kevin Geeks Out and EIC Jon Abrams this summer to present the film. He’ll be bringing a whole new run of “You’re not an astrologer, you’re an asshole” pins with him. Clear your calendars, cult film fans, this is one you don’t want to miss!

THE ASTROLOGER is a thought to be long-lost film that had a brief drive-in run in the ’70s and only aired on television in the U.S. once. Since AGFA restored and remastered a rare print of the film in 2015, THE ASTROLOGER has become a cult favorite amongst those in the know and is a rare watch, as it will most likely NEVER be released officially on home video. Craig Denney in all his ego maniacal glory utilized Moody Blues tunes but never secured the rights. One would assume that Denney just figured that once the Blues saw how great his film was, they’d simply sign over everything to him; perhaps he wasn’t that great of mystic after all. THE ASTROLOGER has everything: proto-Raidersploitation, intrigue, high adventure, and a slow motion dinner scene that has to be seen to believed. The film truly feels like it came from another dimension. This is one that demands to be seen with an eager midnight audience of astrologers and assholes.







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