I dig promoting independent films and books.


I love interviewing authors and filmmakers, seeing what makes them tick, and getting the word out to the fine Bastards that comprise our Daily Grindhouse audience. It helps raise awareness, gives the finger to The Man, and might even help a struggling artist make a buck or two. What’s in it for me? A warm fuzzy that makes me click my heels and sing zippity-fucking-doo-da.


Long story short, do YOU want to be covered by DG?


My demands are simple: The material has to (somewhat) pertain to the shit we normally cover around here. And it has to contain gratuitous sex. Okay, maybe not the second part.


Full disclosure: If I can’t get behind your work wholeheartedly, I will politely pass on writing about it. I have no desire to slam independent artists. **PLEASE SEE UPDATE BELOW**


Slam Joel Schumacher? Sure!


Slam some poor guy (or gal) who worked really hard and doesn’t have two dimes to rub together? I’m an asshole, but not *that* big of an asshole.


BONUS: With my horror anthology dropping soon, if I’m too much of a jerk, you can take *my* hard work and wipe your ass with it. Isn’t reciprocity grand?!


**UPDATE: If you are kind enough to submit your hard work, by hook or by crook I’ll be happy to mention it on the site and provide the pertinent links, regardless of my opinion. One of my fellow Bastards pointed out the fallacy of my previous statement, and he may very well be right.


At any rate, if this sounds fair, feel free to drop me a line:



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