One of the first horror movies I ever remember seeing was CREEPSHOW. I had never seen anything like it before. Multiple stories strung together with a wraparound story. Wow! This blew my mind. I soon became obsessed with anthology films, but none ever quite capture the same fun spirit of the original CREEPSHOW.



I believe that CREEPSHOW’s lasting appeal is due to how original and campy the stories were. Then again, how could it not be legendary? Combining an all-star cast including Hal Holbrook, Leslie Nielsen, and Adrienne Barbeau, with an original screenplay by the master of horror Stephen King, and having the whole thing directed by the king of fright, George Romero, it’s a recipe for one of the greatest genre films ever.


CREEPSHOW, E.G. Marshall, (They’re Creeping Up On You’ segment), 1982. ©Warner Brothers


The wonderful people over at CREEPY CO. have seen fit to create a magnificent collection of horror memorabilia based on this classic anthology, and I absolutely need it all!



First, rest your head on this comfortable classic collection CREEPSHOW comics plush pillow. Inspired by the original CREEPSHOW comic based on the cult classic film, CREEPY CO. covered every inch of this stuffed plush with a barrage of devilish details. It’s officially licensed, and features art by Matt Durston. It measures 15” tall, 3” deep and is stuffed to the max! It’s 100% polyester with polyester fill.



Need an early Father’s Day gift… or maybe a blanket to cover your vegetative skin? Grab one (or a crate-full) to tide you over through blackouts, cold weather, and beyond! Stay comfy in style with this super-luxe, high-quality CREEPSHOW throw blanket by CREEPY CO. This lovingly classic design is sure to make any room POP!, and your next horror movie night a whole lot cozier.



This blanket is simply stunning. It’s “minky” finish fleece material is ultra-soft, and super luxe. The “lifted bubble” back lining is a “shadow gray” and is color double-paneled for extra coziness!



With it getting colder out, it’s time to cuddle up and get cozy. The best way to achieve that will be with CREEPY CO.’s CREEPSHOW collection.


















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