THE DAILY RUNDOWN is a quick look at just a few of the cool screenings and film events happening around the U.S. every day. It is not intended to be an exhaustive, comprehensive list, but a sampling of the terrific genre cinema available to check out at your local art house, megaplex, film society, and repertory theaters.


WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2017 (All show times are local)


Cannon Films put out some very wacky films during their storied run, but not many can eclipse the epic weirdness of THE APPLE, a disco musical that doubles as a religious allegory. The film was directed by Menahem Golan, one-half of the famed Golan-Globus team and starred ’80s genre movie staple Catherine Mary Stewart. The Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn is screening the film from a 35mm print at 9:30 pm with Stewart on hand for a Q&A. Tickets and info can be found here.



Hayao Miyazaki’s HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE is screening at the Kentucky Theater in Lexington, KY at 7:00 pm. Tickets and info can be found here.



No matter how disappointing their last few movies have been, the Broken Lizard comedy troupe will always have a special place in many people’s hearts for their breakthrough feature SUPER TROOPERS. The Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas, TX is showing the film in all its anarchic, semi-stoner glory at 9:00 pm. Tickets and info can be found here.



Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn is screening a 35mm print of THE STEPFORD WIVES at 7:30 pm. Tickets and info can be found here.



David Cronenberg’s nearly impenetrable, hallucinatory adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ NAKED LUNCH is being screened at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX at 7:50 pm. Tickets and info can be found here.



Comfort Station in Chicago is presenting a block of short films from Chicago underground filmmakers. WEREWOLVES, CLOWNS, PERVERTS, AND COPS includes short films like THE LEAFBLOWER MASSACRE, NECROPLASMOSIS, DON’T PULL OUT, and BLOODSPRAY: THE MUSICAL at 8:00 pm. This is a free event. Info can be found here.



The Joy Cinema and Pub in Tigard, OR is showing early ’60s, East German-produced sci-fi schlock-fest FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS at 9:15 pm. This is a free screening, but you must be over 21 years of age. Info can be found here.



If you know of an under-the-radar theater or film society regularly putting together repertory screenings or special events, feel free to let me know on Twitter!

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