[FANTASTIC FEST ’17] Andre Gower & Ryan Lambert Discuss Their MONSTER SQUAD Documentary

THE MONSTER SQUAD’s lasting legacy is a fun, quirky one. Despite the film not making much in the way of bank in the box office, and being strike two on a great filmmaker’s resume, the film has fans (including myself) who absolutely adore the film, having consumed it on VHS and then bought Lionsgate’s DVD when it released over a decade ago.

This weekend at Fantastic Fest, in the dark chamber that is the Highball, there was a Monster Squad Party, in addition to the screening of a documentary about the film, tentatively titled THE SQUAD DOC. Daily Grindhouse had the pleasure of sitting down with the documentary’s director and star of THE MONSTER SQUAD, Andre Gower alongside his co-star Ryan Lambert. Both fellas were effortlessly charming and in these quick few minutes, you can tell they’re a blast to be around.






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