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This time on Grindhouse Grooves, we’ve got trippy animation, AKIRA gone classical, works by Larry Fessenden, Brandon Cronenberg and a Coppola, and more!

DyE Feat. Egyptian Lover
She’s Bad
Dir. DentDeCuir

DyE feat. Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad (Official Video) from Dent de Cuir on Vimeo.

The video for DyE’s techno track would be notable alone were it just for being impeccably made and visually creative, but stick with it and you’ll see that it takes a turn that warrants its inclusion amongst the more twisted tracks we love.

Jackson and His Computerband
G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)
Dir. Myzyk and Moriceau

It also makes a good (if twisted) double bill with this animated video featuring your daily allotment of the tentacle porn, cartoon phalluses and tripped-out sequences. NSFW, but loads of memorably sick fun.

Against Me!
Black Me Out
Dir. Joshua Mikel

Against Me! – Black Me Out from Joshua Mikel on Vimeo.

Shadow puppetry enhances the lyric video for Against Me!’s rock track with a dark, grimy vibe with singing skeletons, silhouetted slaughter and 2-D carnage.


Sonya Belousova
Dir. Tom Grey

It is the theme to AKIRA on piano, cello and bar utensils. NEO-SPEAKERS ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!!!

Dir. Brandon Cronenberg

ANTIVIRAL director Cronenberg lends a disturbed eye to this colorful video for Canadian band Animalia’s track that reminds me of a cross between Aphex Twin and Bjork. (That’s a compliment.)

Dir. Lance Drake

There’s invisible people, laser sword fighting and tripped-out space sequences in this imaginative B&W short — I’m not sure what it all means, but it’s damn pretty.

Little Dragon
Pretty Girls
Dir. Nabil

Don’t let the smooth, upbeat track fool you — this tale of voodoo, madness and a young woman is dark, hypnotic stuff, shot beautifully by Nabil, who previously helmed “Higher,” one of our top 10 music videos for 2013.


Big Data ft. Joywave

A new type of shoe causes very violent tendencies in this bloody, and funny, video for the electronic coupling of Big Data and Joywave…

Dir. DANIELS & Zak Stoltz

Joywave – Tongues ft. KOPPS (official music video) [NSFW] from DANIELS on Vimeo.

…the latter of whom are responsible for this great video that feels like a ’70s counterculture indie film gone mad in a war between the clothed and the unclothed, which we mentioned last time as well, but now we’ve got the uncut version with all the non-pixelated nudity you want.

Andy Winter
Uncountably Infinite
Dir. Michael D. Kroetsch

Our own Tristan Risk cavorts throughout the forest with little on, casting spells — what more do you want? Jeez.

Blood Orange
You’re Not Good Enough
Dir. Gia Coppola

Good lord, how many Coppolas are out there directing? Gia is Francis Ford Coppola’s granddaughter, and she directed the recent feature film PALO ALTO, but here turns in a fine music video that’s not exactly psychotronic, but certainly fun in a retro-live performance way that works well with Blood Orange’s track. (I kept expecting zombies, a la NIGHTMARE CITY. Do not expect zombies.)

Life in a Blender
Frankenstein Cannot be Stopped
Dir. Larry Fessenden

Fessenden certainly knows Frankenstein — he directed NO TELLING, a modern updating of Mary Shelley’s tale. So he’s a natural fit to direct a music video based on the Universal Horror pic it inspired.

The Jasons
Ki-Ki-Kill That Girl
Dir. Aaron Romero

The Jasons (not to be confused with First Jason, the band led by Ari Lehman) are a punk band inspired by the FRIDAY THE 13TH slaughterer, so it’s only natural that their video features the infamous man behind the mask, but using his 8-bit video game as a visual motif is inspired for their cover of the Ramones’ classic track.

Belive the Lie
Dir. Javier Longobardo

Corbu – “Believe The Lie” from stereogum on Vimeo.

Spacebound trappiness featuring a 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY-esque pod abounds in this lush animated video that feels like a modern version of THE MIND’S EYE.

Dir. Lisa Gunning

The final chapter of a 30-minute film, Gunning’s moody, gorgeously-lensed B&W tale of lesbian obsession gone mad feels a bit like a distaff STRANGER BY THE LAKE, and it’s damn haunting stuff.

High Road
Dir. Roboshobo

All Mastodon videos are awesome. This one, about a nerdy LARPer getting his revenge, is no exception.

Skinny Puppy
Dir. Jason Alacrity

Canadian industrial band Skinny Puppy has been doing this for over 30 years, and they’re still good at what they do, including putting out cryptic music videos involving skulls, bullets being pulled out, robots and some kind of militia.

Zeds Dead ft. Twin Shadow
Lost You
Dir. Grandson and Son

Tripped-out psychedelic melting zombie people in love, from the director of the Darcys’ “Hunting” video from a few columns back. WOOOOOOOOO

One Day ft. Damon Albarn
The Child of Lov
Dir. Christine Yuan

The Child of Lov ft. Damon Albarn – One Day from Christine Yuan on Vimeo.

What starts out as a peaceful story about two lovers turns dark quickly when you realize the state of one of them in this eerie little gem.

Hell on Wheels

For our retro video, it’s Cher, dammit, and she’s singing the theme to ROLLER BOOGIE to a bunch of truckers while she pretends that it’s actually her roller skating.

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