When most people think of shoes, they think of a number of comic strips involving disheveled elderly birds. But no more! VHS collector Joe La Scola has created a line of must-have footwear for every video-obsessed collector by taking Converse Al–Stars and replacing the standard logo with the logo of the logo of your favorite VHS distributor. Wizard Video, Vestron (both original and revised) and Cannon are available. Check it out!
According to La Scola:
These are a completely custom Converse base with a hand painted logo. Each pair is made to order (if anyone is interested.) Feel free to message me if you’re interested. I hope you guys dig These.
And you can message him at his Facebook page here! The shoes range in price depending on the logo — the Wizard shoes are $190 — but you can choose to use whichever logo you wish, and you can be guaranteed to be showing your VHS fandom with pride!

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Jon Abrams

Editor-In-Chief at Daily Grindhouse
Jon Abrams is a New York-based writer, cartoonist, and committed cinemaniac whose complete work and credits can be found at his site, Demon’s Resume. You can contact him on Twitter as @JonZilla___.
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