Do you Bastards remember SAMURAI COP? Of course you do! I wrote a full review of that masterpiece right here.


Well, just like Kubrick and Cronenberg before him, director Amir Shervan at one point had to cut his teeth on the genre which would later make him a household name. That flick, my friends, is HOLLYWOOD COP! Sure, it doesn’t quite reach the epic-yet-creamy wonderment of SAMURAI COP, but it’s a pretty damn good movie in and of itself.


I’m going to leave the definition of “good” in your capable hands.


Sergeant Turquoise (“Turkey” to his friends) is a cop on the edge. He plays by his own rules. He doesn’t follow procedures, but damnit, he gets RESULTS! Stop me if you heard this one before.


After a young boy is kidnapped, Turkey finds himself up to his beautiful blonde coif in danger with a gang of thugs looking to extort 6 million dollars from the kid’s distressed (yet comely) mother. From Hollywood’s unforgiving concrete jungle to the oily wrestling rings of its seediest bars, Turkey will stop at nothing to see the young boy returned home safely. Not to mention a crack at infiltrating his mother’s greasy panties.


Features Troy Donahue, Aldo Ray, and Cameron Mitchell in roles they’d probably rather forget.



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