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The Internet is a vast landscape filled with weird, wild, content. Indie horror’s new “it girl” Lauren Ashley Carter (DARLING, POD, THE MIND’S EYEJUG FACE) has been reading Jackie Chan’s autobiography, I AM JACKIE CHAN: MY LIFE IN ACTION aloud and posting the chapters to her SoundCloud account. The actress calls “Jackie Chan AM/FM”  her “life’s work” on her Facebook page, and while that description is certainly tongue-in-cheek, there is something to be said for listening to a pretty girl telling Jackie Chan’s life story.




“I started it because my boyfriend, who is Taiwanese, owned the book, and had never read it,” Carter revealed to Daily Grindhouse. “I told him that I would record the chapters while he was away and send them to him.”


What started as just a cute way to spend time while away from each other for these two lovebirds blossomed into a weird little project that eventually developed a small, but loyal, fan base.


“Lucky McKee — director of MAY and ALL CHEERLEADERS MUST DIE — saw that I was working on the book and said that I had to post the tracks online for the public to hear,” said Carter. “I have a little group of people that listen regularly. Of course, my boyfriend is the only one who’s not up to date!”


Carter has recorded the chapters when she’s been sick, in the rain, and even around construction sites. While there is no set schedule for the release of new chapters, the actress keeps her fans and friends updated via her Twitter account. As of this writing, Carter is currently on chapter 42. MY LIFE IN ACTION was initially published in 1998 but a special expanded edition was released afterwards detailing Chan’s success post-RUSH HOUR.


Fans can listen to the book on SoundCloud, and Lauren Ashley Carter can be followed on Twitter at @LAC_voyager.







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