We’re not about to get into a political debate here. It’s very much apparent where Donald Trump, his axis of allies, and his unwashed masses of Twitter-troll followers stand in the grand scheme of history — it has been all along, honestly, and there’s just no arguing that the side with Nazis on it is not the side with all the most awful people.


That said, is there still room in 2018 for nuance?


I predict we’re going to see the #MAGA-sploitation genre proliferating over the next several years, as bleeding-hearts like me continue to perpetually wring our hands, wondering how our friends and neighbors could so gladly sign themselves over to a hate-cult with no future. We’re going to see more coldblooded action movies like DEATH WISH where liberals are pushed too far by monomaniacal red-staters (last year’s KIDNAP was an early adopter), and we’re going to see more INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS-style horror parables (the calls to FOX News are coming from inside the house!) way scarier than even GET OUT was. That’s an easy bet. Some of these films might be thoughtful and thought-provoking.


A lot more of them are going to look like PRESIDENT EVIL. Yes, this is a real movie that exists. Here’s the synopsis: Days before the November mid-term elections, three young girls who are Muslim, Mexican, and Haitian are stalked by a deranged killer dressed as the POTUS.

Jose Rosete (The Walking Dead: Red Machete), Christian Hutcherson (Dark) and Johanna Rae (Psychos) star in a Richard Lowly film, written by Lowry and Gregory P. Wolk.

Just in case you missed the satiric angle here, A parody of the original HALLOWEEN film, PRESIDENT EVIL sees Michael Myers disguised as Trump as he goes about suburbia, hell-bent on killing minorities. 


Look, I’m a New Yorker so few people have despised Donald Trump more ferociously or longer than I have, but even I think this is a little too on-the-nose to work onscreen in any way. Although I’m trying to figure out from the wording of the press release if the high-concept is that Donald Trump is a hulking slasher preying on young women in the style of Michael Myers, or if the idea here is meant to be that Michael Myers himself, star of the upcoming HALLOWEEN (coming October 19th and sure thing this PRESIDENT EVIL is showing up right now for just that very reason), is dressing in a [really bad] Donald Trump costume instead of a smelted-down and thirty-years crusty William Shatner mask. Because that would be kind of funny. Is this canon for the franchise? Did Michael Myers walk past a Spirit Halloween and pick up a new mask? Surely the old one was getting pretty rank. And maybe Michael does see some kinship with DJT, who is the first POTUS in decades to spurn dog ownership. Michael does kill a dog in the first HALLOWEEN film (#RIP Lester), and we know how much the Trump brood loves murdering animals. But one thing you can say for Michael Myers — he’s quiet at least — and one thing that’s true of all Trumps and #MAGAs — they can’t shut the fuck up. Seriously. Ask them to be quiet for two minutes straight. Never gonna happen.


I just don’t know, guys. All I do know is that you can expect a lot more movies like this one.







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