This job ain’t getting any easier. What do you say about 2017? A few great things happened, and a whole lot more hellish things happened too. There were some of us, at the previous year’s end, who hoped out loud that 2017 would somehow be easier. That’s not exactly how it shook out. Not sure many people were saying that about 2018. Me, I’m not a superstitious guy, but I don’t go jumping on cracks in the sidewalk or dancing under ladders either, know what I’m saying?

We lost a tremendous amount in 2017. This post is an inevitably inadequate attempt for Daily Grindhouse to commemorate some of the wonderful (and occasionally infamous) talent who most recently departed. As lead editor on the site, again I draw the short straw. Nobody wants to do this kind of a post. It’s a ton of work, if you’re the least bit sensitive it only bums you out, and no one ever raves about what a great job you did. Which is fine. Did it anyway.


To all the names in bold spotlighted herein, happy trails.


If you notice any names missing, please shoot me a comment below so I can add them in right away.



Brian Aldiss



August Ames




John G. Avildsen


Michael Ballhaus


Dennis Banks




Chuck Barris




Nicole Bass


Image result for yurizan beltran

Yurizan Beltran



Chester Bennington



Shelley Berman




Chuck Berry




William Peter Blatty



Joseph Bologna



Powers Boothe




Brent Briscoe




Conrad Brooks



Rich Buckler



Bill Butler




Glenn Campbell



Antonio Casale




Bernie Casey



David Cassidy





Don Pedro Colley



Mike Connors


Barbara Cook



Irwin Corey






Chris Cornell



Jay Cronley


Image result for bill dana

Bill Dana




Danielle Darrieux




Jonathan Demme



Fats Domino



Roy Dotrice



Nelsan Ellis



Miguel Ferrer





June Foray


Stephen Furst


Robert Getchell


Basil Gogos


Arlene Gottfried



José Greci




Jerry Greenberg



Dick Gregory



Brad Grey




Robert Guillaume


Brad Harris


Grant Hart



Richard Hatch 




Glenne Headly



John Heard


John Hillerman



Tobe Hooper




John Hurt




Earle Hyman




Al Jarreau




Denis Johnson


Kim Joo-hyuk



Shigeru Koyama



Martin Landau



Sonny Landham



Walter Lassally



Joan Boocock Lee


Umberto Lenzi




Jerry Lewis




Ulli Lommel



Keith Loneker



Federico Luppi



Jay Lynch



Rose Marie





Elsa Martinelli


Hiroki Matsukata


Ralphie May


Jack Mendelsohn



Radley Metzger




Tomás Milián


John Mollo






Mary Tyler Moore





Sir Roger Moore


Jeanne Moreau



Gastone Moschin


Charlie Murphy




Jim Nabors


Haruo Nakajima



Shu Nakajima



Yoko Nogiwa




Image result for michael nyqvist john wick

Michael Nyqvist


Robert Osborne



Reggie Ossé (Combat Jack)



Anita Pallenberg





Michael Parks



Bill Paxton


Dave Pell




Frank Pellegrino


Tom Petty



Prodigy (Albert Johnson)


Om Puri




Della Reese


Don Rickles


Rita Riggs



Joe Robinson




Jean Rochefort



George Romero



Peter Sallis





Richard Schickel



Sam Shepard



Roger Smith 




Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka




Harry Dean Stanton



Harry Stradling Jr.



Clyde Stubblefield



Solvi Stubing








Image result for shyla stylez

Shyla Stylez




Alan Surgal







Seijun Suzuki



Jay Thomas



James Vance



Frank Vincent



Joseph Wapner



Pam Warren aka Pam the Funkstress



Ann Wedgeworth



Len Wein





Adam West



Skip Williamson


Malcolm Young




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