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Those of you who followed our coverage of the first season of the superior comedic crime series Hap & Leonard should be interested in the first full trailer for season two, set to begin Wednesday, March 15th on Sundance TV.


Season one was based on Savage Season, the first novel in cult Texas author Joe R. Lansdale’s series of books about the titular duo. Season two is based — naturally — on the second novel in the series, Mucho Mojo. A previous press release by Sundance TV sounds like it will follow the plot of the novel fairly closely:


In HAP AND LEONARD: MUCHO MOJO Hap and Leonard find themselves in mucho-trouble as they unravel a murder mystery with more twists and turns than an East Texas highway. The story begins with a skeleton; Trudy’s missing ashes; a pissing match with a neighborhood drug dealer, and; a piece of MeMaw’s fresh baked pie. When Leonard is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, Hap and attorney Florida Grange must work to clear his name. The only things standing in their way are Hap’s unquenchable thirst for Florida; a serial killer; bad mojo; and themselves.


Brian Dennehy joins HAP AND LEONARD as Valentine Otis, a Sheriff and all-around boss-hog in Marvel Creek; Irma P. Hall joins the cast as MeMaw, the neighborhood matriarch and a confidant to Hap and Leonard; Dohn Norwood plays Reverend Fitzgerald, a charismatic preacher and MeMaw’s grandson; Tiffany Mack hops aboard as Florida Grange, Leonard’s lawyer and the object of Hap’s deep admiration; and Cranston Johnson joins as Detective Hanson who finds Hap and Leonard in the way of his murder investigation at every turn.


While the trailer features glimpses of Mack, Dennehy, and Hall, it relies heavily on the smartass back-and-forth between James Purefoy and Michael Kenneth Williams as Hap and Leonard. Hopefully returning producers/adaptors Jim Mickle & Nick Damici and new showrunner John Wirth are able to continue the first season’s success at bringing Lansdale’s mixture of humor, pulpy plotting, and brutal violence to the show.


We will be reviewing the second season as it airs, so after watching, check out the site to keep up with our coverage.














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