I’ll be you did Nazi this week’s Psychotronic Netflix topic coming, but the history of Nazisploitation is a long, sordid and bizarre one that’s been embraced by more filmmakers than anyone knows what to do with. So this week we’ll be doing the Reich thing by checking out ten Nazisploitation flicks featuring Nazi zombies, space Nazis, and Hitler babies!

10. BloodRayne: The Third Reich (2010)

bloodrayne 3
Yes, it’s an Uwe Boll film, and the third in a series of bad Uwe Boll films, but it’s got Nazi vampires and Clint Howard’s name above the title. When are you ever going to see that happen again?

9. FDR: American Badass! (2012)

fdr american badass

Barry Bostwick plays FDR, who fights Nazi werewolves.  With Ray Wise, Kevin Sorbo, Lin Shaye and Bruce McGill.

8. Oasis of the Zombies (1982)

oasis of zombies

OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES was the first horror movie I rented after I get a VCR in my room. Jess Franco still owes me an evening. Or two, actually, as in the days before easy internet access, I rented this AGAIN under the title BLOODSUCKING NAZI ZOMBIES from the same video store. It’s awful no matter what name you give it, but hey, it does technically have Nazi zombies.

7. Zombie Lake (1981)

zombie lake

And then I rented this flick that Jean Rollin took his name off of, which at least has topless volleyball.  Unfortunately, that’s in the first few minutes, and the rest of the film may put you into a coma from which you will never wake.

6. Iron Sky (2012)

iron sky
Sure, the movie turned out to be a bit more goofy than people were expecting, but this flick about Nazis that have been hanging out on the moon waiting to take over the Earth is still a fun ride. Check out our full review here.

5. The Devil’s Rock (2011)


In this WWII era-set horror flick, a pair of New Zealand commandos unwittingly unleash a demon that the Nazis have under control – or so they think.  Better than you’d expect, and a cut above the recent glut of Nazisploitation horror.

4. To Be or Not To Be (1983)


Mel Brooks may have made Nazis comical with THE PRODUCERS, but he took a darker look at them in this Warsaw-set tale of a theatrical troupe fending off a Nazi invasion in 1939.  While not as good as the Ernst Lubitsch film it’s a remake of, it’s still a solidly entertaining production.  With Anne Bancroft, Tim Matheson, Charles Durning and Christopher Lloyd.

3. Dead Snow (2009)


Nazi zombies are back in this Norwegian horror flick about a group of friends who encounter a splattering of Hitler-worshipping undead.

2. This Must Be The Place (2011)


An odd little mystery, given weight thanks to the performance of Sean Penn as an aging Robert Smith-esque rock star who attempts to track down an elderly Nazi that his father was seeking before his death.  Low-key, compelling, and in part, impressively creepy.

1. The Boys From Brazil (1978)


Gregory Peck IS Dr. Josef Mengele, and he’s making Hitler clones that will soon CONQUER THE WORLD!  Only Laurence Olivier can stop him in this adaptation of Ira Levin’s high-strung potboiler, with James Mason, Lilli Palmer, Uta Hagen, and Steve Guttenberg, as the man who knows too much.  Highly recommended!

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